27 February 2013

When The Raven Calls

I've been in my valley at every time of the year, but not in 2013 yet. It was such a pleasure to take a little walk this morning before school, with the earphones in. Good to know that everything is on it's place and sleeping well. I've been there about a thousand times, and never met anyone - that makes me feel like it's my own geographical discovery. I say hi to the old oak in a coma, I count wild pheasants, and proudly find footprints of a roe deer. How familiar! The best place on the planet to be alone and recharge the emotional batteries ♥

Outfit details: T-shirt - thrifted, Black PU Pencil Skirt - c/o Choies, furry coat - c/o Romwe, over the knee boots - Joyce Leslie

21 February 2013

It Ain't No Use In Turning On Your Light, Babe. I'm On The Dark Side Of The Road.

Yes, I know I must seem heartless to you sometimes, my blog. Forgive me, I was not the most joyful person on the planet lately, OK? Dressing up and taking silly pictures was one of the last things I felt like doing. Not that I didn't try! But in those shitty days, with my hopeless, miserable face it didn't work out. Blogging is just not that fun when you don't feel good with yourself. But, I think wasting all the money in a pub helped a tiny bit. I mean, things can't be this way for very long - that's not what my New Year's resolutions are about, haha. So, it will be just the most casual outfit ever, and see you in better times I hope! ♥

Outfit details: Triple Chain Cross Charm Necklace, the top and the furry coat - c/o Romwe, hat - thrifted, jeans - Cubus, the best biker boots in the world - Mossimo

11 February 2013

That's Alright, I Still Got My Guitar

Hello from the bed! Honestly, I'm not at my physical and mental best after yesterday's family party. What a luck that I can stay on here even for the whole week if I'd wish to. There will be so much time to waste by searching prints for t-shirts, haha! Oh no, I'm becoming a band t-shirt maniac. My desire to acquire another (and another and another) one is not exactly what you'd call limited. 
Brave yourself for my band t-shirts spam, woohoo! ♫

Outfit details: Black PU Pencil Skirt - c/o Choies, boyfriend's Jimi Hendrix t-shirt, Furry Coat - c/o Romwe, Gradient Tights - c/o Choies, boots - c/o Oasap, belt - vintage