31 January 2013

I Know Your Deepest, Secret Fear

That was a very successful day. I passed two exams like a boss, I started to swim on my back (I was sure it will never, NEVER happen!) and I unlocked a new level in thrifting: black velvet crop top, black velvet maxi skirt, super-fringed waistcoat, and the prettiest witchy dress with bell sleeves, EVER! Can't wait to show you! But the best thing is that my love is coming to me tomorrow - can't wait even more ♥

Outfit details: Selma Platform Boots - c/o Siren, Velvet Leggings - c/o Romwe, t-shirt, belt, fur coat - vintage

29 January 2013

The Raddest Shoes Award

OMG, do you see these?! A brown, higher, fancier and better version of my beloved black boots! 
They're so 70s! Shoes seriously couldn't be any more amazing, and I'm so happy I could put my paws on them. When my mom saw them she said "Guess they will be glued to your feet from now on?" - haha, you know me so well, mom! They totally will.

Their name is Selma, and they are from Siren London

23 January 2013

You Better Fess Up, Boy. Or I Swear I'm Gonna Shoot You Dead

The weather lately has been ruling my life. My house is buried in the snow, we were cut off of the world for a while, and I got a little flu. Not that bad since I could stay in bed all days, just reading, sleeping, playing Don't Starve, and bla bla bla. I'm not sure if anyone care, so I'm moving on.
This post is dedicated to my newest thrift store acquisitions - the belt and the leather boots. Just when I thought I couldn't be luckier in that game! And this sweater is a good addition to the family. I'm totally into warm earth colors when the world is snow-covered and cold

Outfit details: Knitted Hollow Pullover - c/o Indressme, bag - H&M, necklace - c/o Romwe

16 January 2013

The Ultimate Ozzy

The best part of browsing online stores like Romwe is that moment when I find a band t shirt inspired by a vintage one. This Ozzy tunic is a copy of the official t shirt from the 1986 tour, and the print is perfect!
I adore my furry coat also. Even if it makes me look like a huge black animal - it's a really well adapted to low temperatures animal! I'm sure I would grab it on the way out if my house was on fire ♥

05 January 2013

⋙⋙ You Better Find Somebody To Love ⋘⋘

Hello in 2013! How are your heads? ;D
My new year started off pretty nicely, so there's a chance that the whole 2013 will be the happy one.
I can't get enough of being in love, and looking forward to all things that will befall us in the future ♥

Talking about the outfit, well, I'm totally one of those for whom double denim doesn't look wrong.
I mean, listen to this jacket and these jeans, they almost scream "we would be so good together!"

PS. Of course the denim jacket is not my winter coat. I wear it as one of the layers of outerwear :>

Outfit details: Denim Jacket - c/o Oasap, hat and tshirt - thrifted, shoes - c/o Sammydress