29 October 2013

What Am I Gonna Do? I'm Gonna Ride On

My collection of AC/DC t-shirts is accidentally turning into something you wouldn't call limited. Sometimes it makes me want to give them away to someone, because seriously, I just can't handle awesomeness of them, and I feel guilty for not wearing them more often. But this grey one with the cover of Highway to Hell on it is the best of the best, and it doesn't spend too much time on a shelf since I got it. I mean, come on, could an AC/DC t-shirt be any more perfect?

Last week was a brutal one. I got my nose pierced and it was bloody, I started to attend the gym and I had the sickest birthday party in our little haunted house. This week seems to be calmer, I have a lot of time off work, I try to sleep more. And while we're talking about sleeping more - goodnight! Sincerely yours, Marlenka

AC/DC t-shirt - c/o Surfdome, jacket - vintage, shorts and necklace - c/o Romwe, bag - Reserved, furry tail - Flaunt

AC/DC - Ride On

09 October 2013

Seems like hard times for you and me, my dear blog, huh? I wish I could say I'm sorry, but in all honesty, I enjoy my life too much to be sorry for anything at the moment. When I'm not working, I'm probably hanging around with my partner in crime, setting fire to pubs, losing heels of my best shoes and making some new friends. This is my new favourite picture of us, and thought you'll surely find it super interesting to take a look at your Marlenka's drunken face, HAHA. Hugs!

17 September 2013

Angel Witch

Did I ever mention that most of my outfits are determined by what I feel like listening to at the moment? When I was choosing clothes for a girls night out a few days ago, I was very much into those early 80's heavy metal bands with the word "witch" in their names and badass artwork. These leggings are such a witchy addition to my wardrobe! I love them in combination with earth tones, what gives a little less black metal expression I think ;)

Outfit details: Evil Leggings - c/o Sheinside, fur jacket - Atmosphere, top and belt - thrifted, boots - c/o Oasap

Angel Witch

05 September 2013

Sign Of The Wolf

Oops, I just started to notice that summer is almost gone and I didn't even depict my summer essentials! So here they are: the shorts I literally lived in, the custom made Pentagram t-shirt, a pair of my favourite sandals in the world ever, a tail of the wolf and straight hair, all collected in one outfit - an outfit from the last Friday's night out with my lover ;3
Now I'm counting down the days to when I'll be able to wear my fur coats again. Go ahead autumn, do your thing!

Outfit details: Pentagram t-shirt - custom made, denim jacket - vintage, furry tail - c/o  Flaunt, denim shorts, necklace and fishnet tights - c/o Romwe

23 August 2013

⋙⋙ Postcards From The Trip ⋘⋘

Hey, I'm back! I had an awesome week, spent walking long long kilometers through meadows and forests with my family. We stayed in a small wooden cabin by a mountain lake and listened to Bob Dylan. We had wildlife on the doorstep, wide open spaces and glorious landscapes. I loved to see Hucul ponies in their natural environment! I enjoyed every moment of being there. Oh, now my heart aches for high mountains so much! ♥

13 August 2013


So, this is just a quick post before I leave for the trip, and an outfit for a collaboration with Chictopia. It has to be an all-cotton look - nothing easier since my wardrobe is totally dominated by cotton t-shirts, bottoms and dresses. I got used to paying attention to that because of my boyfriend's obsession with natural, breathing fabrics. So this is kind of my summer uniform: oversized cotton band tank and a super short skirt or shorts

02 August 2013

Last Days Here

Hello from the bed! My poor bones are paying the price of our last escapades, and they are suggesting that maybe I should start to take more care of my thesis from now. But it's not that easy when you are rather in the mood to love someone :c  Anyway, we were having some good time lately. We've seen Pentagram and Deep Purple live, and visited a city we've never been to together before. It's a holi-holiday!


19 July 2013

Now All The Boys Are After Me, And That's The Way It's Gonna Be

Oh my oh my, tomorrow morning me and M. are going to be on our way to the long-awaited doom festival, to see Pentagram and some retro psychedelic rock bands. I'm so excited about it, I can't collect my thoughts to manage a sensible blog entry, haha. So maybe just let me introduce you Hippie the dog - OMG, he looks so funny in this picture, I can't help posting it! Doesn't he remind you some kind of creature from the Moomin Valley? Fillyjonk's children, Sniff, tiny dragon or something, I adore this little buddy so much! Well, hey, have an awesome weekend everyone! ♥

Biker Jacket - c/o Sammydress, Iron Maiden top - thrifted (H&M I guess), jeans - Cubus, Red Pumps - c/o Oasap

03 July 2013

Wait For The Ricochet

Uff, the past few weeks were filled with finals, school stuff, paperwork and other pain-in-the-ass things. The vacation came at the right time, and now I'm slowly getting used to blissful carelessness. I'm going to spend a few days in the mountains this summer - I'm totally a mountain person, and I'm so happy about that! I wasn't there since 2005. 
Can't wait for all the summer adventures to begin!

Outfit details: Deep Purple t-shirt and bullet belt - thrifted, PU Leggings with Lace Detail - c/o Oasap, boyfriend's vest

08 June 2013

One Last Try Before Things Fail, With My Luck I'll End Up In Jail

Hm, for some reason the world didn't want me to wear these jeans. From the first time, every time I've worn them they had some kind of accident. They became a miserable shadow of their former selves because of the brown and green grass stains, rips, and the blood from my knees. That's why I wasn't sorry to take a big kitchen knife and do THIS to my lovely light blue jeans, haha. I hope they don't hate me for doing that, eventually seems like their bad spell is gone, I'm not afraid for my life anymore wearing them. In addition, I'm able to wear some heels again - what makes me feel a little happier, since there was a time I thought it will never happen. Hope you are glad too, have a good weekend! ♥

Outfit details: Leather Jacket - c/o Sheinside, Jeans - Cubus, Spiked Sandals - c/o Romwe, top and hat - thrifted

23 May 2013

Old Turkey Buzzard

When me and M. explored the neighborhood for a nice place to sit on the grass, drink beer and chill out, we found our own mysterious garden! It is huge, the gate has only one half, all the plants grow wildly and they hide the weirder part of the garden, with an old, scary cabin. The worst part about it is that, although the house has 3 storeys, it has no stairs! The highest storey even doesn't have any door, just an empty window a few meters above the ground - oh my, that's so weird! Why the hell did someone build something like this?! Anyway, this place has a really cool vibe and when we'll be disgustingly rich one day, I'll find the owner of it, and I'll buy it, and my horses will graze here! So, yeah, that's what I wanted to tell about today, because the gate you see on these pictures is the gate to my mysterious garden, and this is important, and I know you surely care ;D Goodnight ♥

Outfit details: Sweater with an eagle - c/o ZLZ , skirt - c/o Choies, boots and belt - vintage

12 May 2013

No One Makes A Sound

OMG, where does the time go?! It was a hectic and stressful period, but I had no idea that a month already passed since my last post. The season changed from winter to hot hot summer, there was one super important wedding, we started an epic year of concerts with the epic concert of Orchid (Motörhead, ZZ Top, TSA, Jex Thoth, Kadavar, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath are coming... Musicians, please, leave my money alone for now!), my leg feels good, I feel good, and I love everything and everyone in my life! If only I could be a better blogger... ;D

11 April 2013

No Angel Or Demon Will Have Me On My Knees

Hey, I'm free! Still not at my best, but on the best way to completely recover soon. My left foot is so excited to meet pavements again, and it says "thank you!" for all your words of reassurance ♥ All my high heeled babies have to wait for me for a little while longer, but, well, I can live with that.

I couldn't wait to wear this West Coast Choppers t-shirt. Actually, this is a men's one, which feels like wearing a boyfriend's t-shirt. And this manly print makes it even more cool, I love it!

Outfit details: West Coast Choppers t-shirt - c/o Freestyle Xtreme, Jacket - vintage, Jeans - Cubus, Boots - Mossimo, Bracelets - Sheinside and Romwe, Hat - thrifted

12 March 2013

Broken Paw

Hello internet! So, that's what happened a week ago. I'm not too proud of this story, so I think I better keep my silence on this, haha ;D  I'm already sick about being so enfeebled and achy, and I'm angry at Karma for doing this, just in time when I was a good girl. Looks like the crutches are my first spring must have, but hope I will be able to replace the plaster cast with something less weighing soon :c We'll see!

27 February 2013

When The Raven Calls

I've been in my valley at every time of the year, but not in 2013 yet. It was such a pleasure to take a little walk this morning before school, with the earphones in. Good to know that everything is on it's place and sleeping well. I've been there about a thousand times, and never met anyone - that makes me feel like it's my own geographical discovery. I say hi to the old oak in a coma, I count wild pheasants, and proudly find footprints of a roe deer. How familiar! The best place on the planet to be alone and recharge the emotional batteries ♥

Outfit details: T-shirt - thrifted, Black PU Pencil Skirt - c/o Choies, furry coat - c/o Romwe, over the knee boots - Joyce Leslie

21 February 2013

It Ain't No Use In Turning On Your Light, Babe. I'm On The Dark Side Of The Road.

Yes, I know I must seem heartless to you sometimes, my blog. Forgive me, I was not the most joyful person on the planet lately, OK? Dressing up and taking silly pictures was one of the last things I felt like doing. Not that I didn't try! But in those shitty days, with my hopeless, miserable face it didn't work out. Blogging is just not that fun when you don't feel good with yourself. But, I think wasting all the money in a pub helped a tiny bit. I mean, things can't be this way for very long - that's not what my New Year's resolutions are about, haha. So, it will be just the most casual outfit ever, and see you in better times I hope! ♥

Outfit details: Triple Chain Cross Charm Necklace, the top and the furry coat - c/o Romwe, hat - thrifted, jeans - Cubus, the best biker boots in the world - Mossimo

11 February 2013

That's Alright, I Still Got My Guitar

Hello from the bed! Honestly, I'm not at my physical and mental best after yesterday's family party. What a luck that I can stay on here even for the whole week if I'd wish to. There will be so much time to waste by searching prints for t-shirts, haha! Oh no, I'm becoming a band t-shirt maniac. My desire to acquire another (and another and another) one is not exactly what you'd call limited. 
Brave yourself for my band t-shirts spam, woohoo! ♫

Outfit details: Black PU Pencil Skirt - c/o Choies, boyfriend's Jimi Hendrix t-shirt, Furry Coat - c/o Romwe, Gradient Tights - c/o Choies, boots - c/o Oasap, belt - vintage

31 January 2013

I Know Your Deepest, Secret Fear

That was a very successful day. I passed two exams like a boss, I started to swim on my back (I was sure it will never, NEVER happen!) and I unlocked a new level in thrifting: black velvet crop top, black velvet maxi skirt, super-fringed waistcoat, and the prettiest witchy dress with bell sleeves, EVER! Can't wait to show you! But the best thing is that my love is coming to me tomorrow - can't wait even more ♥

Outfit details: Selma Platform Boots - c/o Siren, Velvet Leggings - c/o Romwe, t-shirt, belt, fur coat - vintage