28 December 2012

♥ He's A Bad Bad Boy (And He Stole My Love) ♥

Hey, I guess it will be my last post this year. I look at the date and can't believe 2012 is almost over!
Too bad not all of my last year's resolutions have materialised as first planned. But keep the dreams alive, Marlenka! "You can't turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again".
I'm so excited about a new year, and can't wait to see what it holds! The first thing to think about is a Deep Purple concert, because I got the ticket from my boyfriend for Christmas ♥ 
It's always nice to have something to look forward to, right? 

Wish you a great New Year's Eve, a lot of happiness, love, and everything you wish yourself! :*

Sorry, Motley Crue, butNazareth - Bad Boy

19 December 2012

⋆⋆ Let's Go Space Truckin' ⋆⋆

Well, I have to admit that I was not too impressed with those Rottweiler t-shirts at first. I thought it just doesn't suit me, and never planned to own one. But when I got a message from Choies that the t-shirt I ordered previously is not available and I have to exchange it for another item, I looked through the other t-shirts, and something dawned on me! This puppy could look pretty cute with my policeman's hat and the burnt match tights! Does anyone know what time the world ends the day after tomorrow? I want to make sure I am dressed like this. Good luck dear friends, and see you after the end of the world!

skirt and boots - c/o Oasap, hat and belt - vintage, bracelets - c/o Romwe

16 December 2012

⋙⋙ All I Did Was Shoot Your Wife ⋘⋘

Yay, the Christmas spirit is in the air around here! It's gingerbread time, my wallet is getting smaller, and a huge Christmas tree shines in the living room. It smells so good :3
I can't help but daydream of being in the Scandinavian countryside just with M., cuddling, fooling around, and eating, and enjoying the warmth throughout the whole Christmas break ♥
No matter who you are or what you celebrate, I hope you have a nice prechristmas time too!

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10 December 2012

✧☽ The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, All Bear His Seal ☾✧

I always drooled over those fabulous Ozzy's shirts with fringed sleeves, while watching early Black Sabbath live performances. Oh, how I've envied him! And how I couldn't wait to put my paws on this baby from Choies. It's perfect, I would never throw it into an audience, even if I was Ozzy Osbourne!  
It makes me feel like listening to Black Sabbath all the time today ♪

01 December 2012

❖ The Men Don't Know, But The Little Girls Understand ❖

That day was probably the last day warm and sunny enough to take a random bus to nowhere and get lost, instead of sitting in school. Now it's December, and even the places I know well, like my favourite forest or the nearby valley seem hostile and scare me away :c Hopefully the snow will come soon to brighten things up, I'm ready for that with all my being!

Outfit details: Shirt and Faux Leather Vest - Romwe, jeans - Cubus, bag - H&M