30 September 2011

☠ Born Wild, Run Free ☠

Mmm, as you see in these pictures, autumn is definitely here. I'm so overjoyed! I adore the place where I currently live. There are so many trees, and other plants which are turning colorful and wonderfully vivid. I love preparing the house (and my closet) for the coming cold months, and I love love love getting cozied up in longer, buttoned cardigans. I have two new treasures from Siren, and I just wanted to show you one of them. They're so soft, cosy, and I'm completely obsessed with their big, sequin appliques on the back, and with these cute cute buttons. Yay, my boyfriend likes them too, so I'm sure they will be my best friends this autumn and winter ♥

Outfit details: Susan Rock Cardigan from Siren, skinny jeans from Joyce Leslie and With Love shoes

26 September 2011

✶ Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck ✶

Hey, could you recommend some not irritating vampire movies or books? I think Vampires are my favorite mythical creatures - you know: pale white, ice cold skin, fangs, stopping in time, mysterious personality, aristocrat clothing etc. But unfortunately everything I've watched or read about them was so painfully stupid and tiring, haha. Never mind. When I saw this vampire-lips printed top, I already knew that it must be mine ♥  Hmm, now I'm thinking about it, and PARDON ME, I forgot about
"The Fearless Vampire Killers" with ravishing Sharon Tate - it's a cool movie :)

PS. Welcome home, Miss Autumn! I wanted to say "thank you for yummy hazelnuts in my garden"
but I've just found an awful worm in one of them, how disgusting! So.. just welcome, and please,
be more careful with apples and pears, OK?

Outfit details: Romwe t-shirt, Mohito skirt and Core heels
♫ Kiss - Black Diamond ♫

22 September 2011

♥ Petal Detachable Collar ♥

I love this little accessory like crazy. It has the great retro vibe, and makes every single one simple piece of clothing looks adorable and more interesting. It's fantastic - one tiny thing, and my wardrobe is full of quite new, super cute dresses, tees and cardigans, I'm in love! ♥

If you like it too, you can purchase it here

And this is how I wear it today, with the simplest grey ensemble - long sleeved top,
the pencil skirt and vintage pearl earrings :)

20 September 2011

♥ Your Grandma Knew Fashion Trends Before They Were Born ♥

Yes, I've got this vintage basket from my grandma five years ago, when I was a slightly creepy teenager. My mum said "No, seriously? Do you like it? Come on, stop kidding yourself!" haha.
And now an American flag is everywhere, and my old basket makes me look like a fashion victim,
and my mum wants to kidnap it, can you belive? ;) By the way, don't you dream about your grandma's closet sometimes?! "Oh granny, you look so pretty... if you ever get bored of this coat, you know where to find me, yes?" haha ♥

I wear: H&M top, Romwe collar, Papaya skirt and Fiore Collection shoes

15 September 2011

✶ White Vacation ✶

Hm, it seems like Mommy Nature is going through menopause, it's so hard to understand her this year, right? But late summer in Poland is surprisingly sunny and warm, and I'm feeling so cheerful!
Late summer is my favourite season of the year I think. Late summer is so understanding, nothing is too infantile, nothing deserve the disdain in the late summer, everything we dream about is correct :)

These are pictures from the last Monday, I had a remarkable day with my two old friends.
We explored unknown parts of the town and antiquarian bookshops, we've bought a big butterfly book and old maps of Europe, and then we played with them on the roof of the Anastasia's house, we listened Scianka, and we laughed until we cried - the best feeling! ♥

I wore: Atmosphere dress, vintage suede vest and Nine West old old shoes

Yay for pretty good polish bands! ♫

08 September 2011

✿ I Like You, Because You're A Good Person To Like ✿

Throughout life you will find one person who is unlike any other. You could talk to this person for hours and never get bored, you could tell them things and they won't judge you.
This person is your soul mate, your best friend. Don't ever let them go ✿

United Colors of Benetton cardigan, vintage top, vintage shorts, Core heels, and Primark purse
♫ Beirut - Mount Wroclai ♫

05 September 2011

♥ Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah ♥

Hey, sorry for the lack of posting everyone! I'm super busy lately, I'm working in the inventory of monuments at the moment. I come home late in the evening, I have to wake up at 5am, and I have no time for anything these days. But I think I like it - the companionship is nice, this work is quite interesting, and waiting for Sunday and for meeting with M. was fine too :)

I just wanted to say that I'm alive, and now I leave you with these little pictures, because I have to wake up in less than 4 hours, I'm going to sleep, NOW! Goodnight ☾☆

PS. I wore: Topshop tee, vintage skirt and Anne Michelle shoes
♫ Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands ♫