31 July 2011

☼ Summertime at the Seaside ☼

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! Hello, my first plans have been foiled and in the end I came home today. Sorry sorry sorry for the long silence! ✿

It was a really nice trip. In one week I experienced every type of weather, and only two days was sunny and warm. But you know what? My only problem was that I met way too many malcontents.
I don't know why people can't take things as they are "Why it's so windyyy? Why it's so coooold? Where are massive waves? Shit, the water isn't bluuue!"
Guys, this is Northern Europe, so if you need a hot, turquoise water like in a movie, why don't you just go on vacation to a hot place? For me, every kind of weather at the seaside is OK (OK, maybe not for taking pictures with a sony cyber-shot, haha) A stormy weather is fine too! It puts me in a nice, melancholy mood, and makes me feel like a little Hemingway's novel character ;D

Pretty delicious food everyday, omnomnomnom! (If someone will write "Oh gosh, that's so fattening! Well... I can see that by your figure, you fatso..." - I'll click like it under this comment! :* )

Me as a little mermaid, ha... ha... ha... HAHA!

Pretty little clouds ♥

Pretty Moomin and the Sea ♥


Pretty little souvenirs ♥

And pretty summer song
♫ Islands - Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby ♫

17 July 2011

☸ The Baltic Love ☸

Hi everyone! I just want to say that I have to leave my blog for one week - I'm off to sea tomorrow!
I love to be there. I'm going to do every single one nice thing from my maritime-to-do-list, like collecting little shells, eating much fish, or sending a letter in a bottle, haha!  *blonde*
And of course I hope I'll take some pretty pictures to share with you!
I'll try to visit you as soon as I can, and now I'm leaving you with my very simple outfit for a very hot day - Aeropostale tee, Papaya skirt and Core platforms.

Uhh, It's midnight and my suitcase is still not packed yet - I hate to do this.
Well, have a great summer week too, and see you soon! ♥

13 July 2011

♥ I Took The Stars From Our Eyes, And Then I Made a Map ♥

After a tiring day, I had such a lovely evening in the garden with my bunny, with Florence And The Machine, mosquitoes, and in my new-old shoes that I found in the loft lately ♥

♫ Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love ♫

12 July 2011

♥ My Heart Is Beating Like a Jungle Drum ♥

Yay, I was a scout yesterday! OK, maybe I'm not a true scout. I probably couldn't survive alone in the forest, I have a dirty tongue and I'm so wicked - I chose this set yesterday only because I met a fellow who truly hates this hat, haha! We walked around stores, and he was so embarrassed - "oh god, please, take it off... people see us!" hahaha! Oh, come on, J. don't be boring! Isn't that cool if people have fun?

Anyway, I was wearing: H&M skirt, Miss Selfridge polo tee, Krush wedges and vintage hat ♥

♫ Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum ♫

07 July 2011

✿ Let The Sunshine In ✿

Oh girls, I know that I'm the worst and most irregular blogger ever. But what can I do? The weather is horrible all the time, and my "camera" can't cope with the darknesses, haha... I have so many things to showing you and so many ideas, but I just can't carry out it. This is a bit frustrating.
Hey Rainforest Animals, are you reading my blog? You're all invited to my garden!

You asked me if I could sign my clothing pieces - oh, sure! I just thought that my clothes are so simple and ordinary that no one will be interested in brands names, but OK! So:
The shoes from the latest post are "Rebel Heart", I bought them a few years ago on ebay :)
And today I'm wearing: H&M floral printed cardigan, Dorothy Perkins top, ISO (what? haha) skirt and Nine West immortal heels

The day before yesterday, yesterday and today I watched the brilliant Forman's film version of "Hair" musical. Can I ever get enough of this movie? I don't think so. Maybe it has one of the saddest and most moving endings of all time, and maybe the final song always makes me a cry-baby, but I really can't get enough. And this music! I'm in love with 50's lifestyle and fashion, but my heart totally belongs to 60's music
♫ Hair - Aquarius and Let The Sunshine In ♫ 

02 July 2011

♥ Climb the Fence, Books and Pens, I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends ♥

Heyhey! I'm so excited! OK, maybe most of my friends left the city, but oh, right! I forgot that the other guys will return from other cities too! Today I'm going to meet Anastazja - one of my dearest childhood friends ♥ She's so wonderfully weird and funny, and we had sooo many wild adventures in ancient times, haha! I can't wait, I'm sure it will be an incredible day. Have a great saturday too!

PS. Yes, I know that the sight of my veins hurts (It hurts my eyes too) but you must forgive me,
"no one is perfect", haha ♥

♫ The White Stripes - We're Going To Be Friends ♫