29 June 2011

♥ Oh Bunny, You're So Fine, But You Think You Live In ' 69 ♥

Hmm, it's so nice to spend a lazy day in bed, without any freaky battle for the time. It's raining outside all the time, but I'm not bored. I'm sitting in bed with my laptop, with a book (I'm reading "Other Voices, Other Rooms" by Truman Capote, what are you reading right now?) and my little bunny is playing around me ♥ Allow me to introduce him, ohh, you have no idea how much I love this silly, fluffy creature! Bunnies, I love them all! Pics of bunnies are always melting my heart, but MY bunny is the cutest bunny ever! He's so carefree and playful. All that he wants is a meadow full of clovers, treats putting straight into his tiny cute mouth, and to lick my hands all the time, haha! I regret that these pictures don't show all his charm, but if you ever had a bunny, you probably know how hard is to take a good picture of this frisky pet :D

25 June 2011

♥ Coffee And Love Are Best When They're Hot ♥

OK, mission completed! Summer vacation has finally started! I said goodbye to my mates - they returned to their home cities, and I'm staying here. Yeah, one of the bad points of living in the academic city: the academic year ends - everyone's gone, and sometimes I feel so lonely. But never mind. I'm good at entertaining myself. And say honestly - who doesn't like being alone sometimes? Well, I do, and I believe that this summertime will be great! Oh guys, summertime!
I'm going to sleep until afternoon tomorrow, seriously ♥

23 June 2011

♥ Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli ♥

Mr. M bought for us the sweetest lollipops ever, I completely adore it! They look so vintage and cute! Smell like tropical fruits and taste somewhat like... uh, somewhat like a Mr. Clean with a hundred spoons of sugar (I'm so sorry, Honey ♥) Oh, never mind, they're delicious anyway!

Tomorrow's the big day! I'm so happy and excited, a bit afraid too, but I'm a brave girl and I'll be fine.
(OK, I'm not brave, but I'll be tomorrow!). Today is a day off in Poland, and now I'm going on a long long bike ride. I hope the storm will not kill me. Have a nice day too, my beloved visitors!

♫ The Chordettes - Lollipop ♫

21 June 2011

☂ Walk With Me To Madeleine Street . First Day of Summer ☂

Hello Summer! I'd like to know why are you crying today? Chin up! Only a few days left before the vacation starts! I still have only one or two important things to do, and I'll take care of you, I promise!
And keep calm, my little blog! I'll start updating you more often now.

Summer, be good to me and please, don't worry 'cause when you're crying, I'm sad too ☂

♫ Cocoanut Groove - Walking To Madeleine Street ♫

15 June 2011

☸ I Don't Know Where Home Is, But I'm On My Way ☸

The battery of my mp3 player is drained, my emotional battery is drained. I'm home alone and it's so quiet I can hear voices from angelic and devilish shoulders - what a rumpus! A silence can be more distracting than the worst noise, when your head is full of unwanted and useless thoughts. Damn. Where's my "never mind the bollocks" eraser? I need it NOW! I have to erase all that shit till Friday.
I must be a brave captain, we have to sail home! ♥

13 June 2011

♫ Some People Like To Rock, Some People Like To Roll ♫

Yay! Me vs. Exams 2-0! It's so good to have it behind me. To be continued on next Friday, but today I need to have some fun. I'm going to a party tonight! I made shrimp salad, I bought a champagne in the pretty bottle and I'm ready to go to my friend's apartment. Yayayay! It will be a fun night! ☆

♫ Elvis Presley - Let's Have a Party ♫

10 June 2011

♥ I Know You're a Bad, Bad Man. Good Enough For Me! ♥

 Do you see this guy? Oh, I miss him so much! He went to the Sonisphere Festival today 
(he's a great fan of Motorhead) and I stayed home - I'm not the biggest Iron Maiden enthusiast, putting it mildly, haha! Do you know? This is crazy - we're together for almost six years, and I feel like a teenager in love all the time and I always have butterflies in my stomach when I think of him ♥
Maybe because he's so freaking amazing and special, and he's the best, sweetest and most caring boyfriend in the whole universe? Yeah, I think it may be the reason ;)
And oh, just look at him! He's so damn cool, I adore his 70's & 80's inspired style. Lucky me! And I...

Oh, hi! I just got back from library and I'm ready for nice, calm weekend with Albert Camus :)
Have a good weekend too dear friends! ☼

08 June 2011

✿ My Everyday Hairstyle Tutorial ✿

OK, I had some spare time today, so as I promised I tried to make a little hair tutorial. But damn, it was way harder than I thought it would be! Doing hair + operating a camera at the same time = complete failure. Everything was going wrong after first picture again, haha! So I'm somewhat unsatisfied, I imagined this post looks better and wanted my tutorial much clearer, I'm sorry! ✿
And one more challenge now: god, how to describe it correctly in English?! haha
It's really funny, but time to get the point!

You will need some bobby pins, a strong hairspray...

 And hot curlers - mine are a bit old fashioned ;)

But work pretty well! I roll my hair, leave for 30/40 minutes and take curlers out.

1. Start on one side. Separate the front strand of hair and twist loosely away from your face to get a shape like this. Secure it with a bobby pin.

2. Repeat it on the other side

It has to look like this.

3. Then take the rest of the hair from underside

4. And pin it loosely to the back.

5. The back looks like this. Now add some more bobby pins...

6. And Voila!

7. Second option: go back to steps 3 and 4, and repeat it on the other side.

 8. Roll the rest of the hair from the backside together, secure with a couple of bobby pins

10. Spritz with some hairspray...

11. And you're ready! (for the floor)

OK, As you see I'm a hopeless instructor, but I hope it doesn't became more difficult for you now ;D
Good luck ladies and see you soon! ♥

03 June 2011

♫ I'm an every-thing's-all-righter, I'm a prizefighter ♫

 Hi girls! Oh, I'm so glad today! Some time ago I decided to never put on ice things that I should do now. I know, that's a platitude, BUT, the results are surprising! Instead of sitting and worrying that I have so many issues, I just roll up my sleeves and get down to it! I didn't realize that it can be so easy before I started, and suddenly my long, scary to-do list is getting smaller and smaller! Long weeks of fear and only few minutes was needed to overcome it, haha! I'm proud of myself and my mind is so free. I will never postpone things until later (or perhaps never) again!

These two lovely T-shirts with paintings by my favorite artist printed on them gave me Mr. M for my latest birthday. Doesn't he have excellent taste? ♥

♫ Eels - Prizefighter ♫